Since I could first pick up a controller I have been playing video games. As I grew older my interest in technology grew and my focus shifted from simply playing games, to becoming more curious in how they were made. My interest in computers led to learning programming and somewhere down the line, I finally figured out that game development was where I wanted to focus my time.

I hold an MSc in Games Programming and work full-time as a Unity Developer working on game development projects, making use of augmented and virtual reality to create immersive and unique experiences.

In addition to holding a passion for game development I am also rather fond of writing, and thus this blog was created. I thought I would attempt to share the knowledge I know, whilst getting to write at the same time, and hopefully learning a lot more about game development along the way.

The focus of Simple Game Dev is to write articles, tutorials, and how-tos that aim to provide practical knowledge, explaining complex theories, techniques, or concepts in a way anyone can understand. Making game development simple.